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Article Processing Charges

The International Journal for Housing Science and its Applications, sponsored by the International Association for Housing Science, operates as a fully funded Open Access publication. We are proud to announce that there are no Article Processing Charges (APCs) or submission fees associated with publishing in our journal.

Open Access publication offers several key advantages beyond accessibility.

Firstly, Open Access content enjoys high availability and visibility. Since research isn’t restricted behind paywalls, it’s freely accessible for review and reference. This means that researchers, journalists, and the general public can access the information without incurring costs. Additionally, Open Access removes ambiguity about citations, as everyone can access the same version of the article, leading to more accurate referencing. Furthermore, by eliminating barriers to access, Open Access accelerates the pace of research dissemination, allowing findings to reach a broader audience more quickly.

This increased accessibility and visibility enable articles to be easily seen and referenced, contributing to greater visibility and citation rates. Researchers benefit from enhanced exposure of their work, potentially leading to greater recognition and impact within their respective fields. Overall, Open Access publication fosters a more transparent and efficient scholarly communication ecosystem, benefiting both researchers and society as a whole.