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Research on Business English Approaches from the Perspective of Cross-Cultural Communication Competence

By: Ping Chen1
1College English Department, Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College, Qingdao 266100, Shandong, China.


In the reform of teaching mode, the supply of large-scale teaching does not match the needs of students’ personalized training. In terms of teaching concept innovation, teaching practice can hardly catch up with the pace of theoretical innovation and the evolution of social market demand. Considering the increasingly common global communication, the digitalization and intelligence upgrade in the economic field, and the reform of the teaching paradigm driven by a new round of scientific and technological revolution, this paper discusses the necessity of reforming the teaching ideas and methods of flight attendant management from the perspective of cross-cultural communication competence. At the same time, this paper proposes that the actual teaching should be student-centered and market-oriented. Through the integration of virtual and reality, teachers and students can communicate with each other in both virtual and real dimensions. By accelerating the practice and reform of the teaching in this way, we can improve the cross-cultural communication ability of talents in the field of flight attendant management and cultivate high-quality talents more suitable for modern civil aviation business.